What’s On

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Channel 7 Main Stage

8.00am Event Start

8.30am Queensland Urban Utilities ‘Water Warriors’ Live Stage Show

9.00am PJ Masks Live Stage Show

9.30am Live Music – Hailey Calvert

10.40am Queensland Urban Utilities ‘Water Warriors’ Live Stage Show

11.00am PJ Masks Live Stage Show

11.30am Live Music – Pat Tierney

12.30pm Live Music – Hailey Calvert

Live for Less

The Live for Less zone will feature expert talks and stalls on sustainable living for all households.

8.30am Sustainable apartment living – Roman Spur, Spurtopia

9.00am Revolution of indoor plants – Claire Bickle, Gardening for the Good Life

9.30am DIY beauty & toxic free skin care – Biome Eco Stores

10.00am Waste and recycling in Brisbane: what are the economic, social and environmental impacts of waste  – Jessica Lindsay, Mallow sustainability

10.30am Living on a budget  – Roman Spur, Spurtopia

11.00am Backyard chooks – Claire Bickle, Gardening for the Good Life

11.30am Making yoghurt and kefir – Valerie Pearson, Green Living Australia

12.00pm Building simple furniture with reclaimed timber – Dickson Lee, Mallow Sustainability

12.30pm Sugar free jam – Valerie Pearson, Green Living Australia

1.00pm Sustainable style: how to do more with less – Emma Willmann, Statement Styling

1.30pm Making fermented vegetables, kimchi & sauerkraut – Valerie Pearson, Green Living Australia

Move for Less

Program coming soon

Sponsor Zones

Channel 7 Marquee 

  • Channel 7 personalities
  • Pop-up news desk
  • House Rules kids’ activity

Kids’ Eco Zone

  • Australia Zoo DIY bird feeders
  • Eco books workshop
  • Grass heads workshop
  • Little Kickers – soccer and rugby drills for kids – under 5’s
  • Facepainting
  • Giant games
  • Chill out teepee circle
  • Hula hoop play space
  • Recycle Man

Cleanaway Waste Zone

The Cleanaway Waste Zone offers an engaging educational experience for both adults and kids. Their new trucks will be on show, and recycling education will include demonstrations and samples that show what happens to recycling material after it leaves the yellow wheelie bins. 

  • 2 x Cleanaway waste trucks
  • Waste education with fun interactive activities all day
  • Speaker’s corner
  • Brisbane City Council

Queensland Urban Utilities Water Zone

CitySmart partner QUU will own the Water Zone. Displays will include their brilliant comparison demo of what happens to wet wipes versus regular toilet paper when flushed down the loo (the paper disintegrates, the wet wipes don’t and end up clogging the sewers). QUU will also be championing free water refills and giving out reusable bottles on the day, in line with the Green Heart Fair’s ban on the sale of single-use plastic bottled water.

  • Hydration station
  • ‘Don’t Flush That’ stage show
  • The Poo Car – Australia’s first poo powered vehicle
  • ‘The Rolls’ craft activity
  • Doggy zone
  • Brisbane City Council

Rocky Point Grow Zone

Our partner Rocky Point will own the Grow Zone at the Green Heart Fair. It seems everyone has a gardening question and the Grow Zone will include a comprehensive exhibit by Rocky Point to help Brisbane residents plan, plant and maintain the right type of garden to suit their property and the climate. The Grow Zone will show the benefits of planning your garden, including water conservation and lower costs (e.g. dry tolerant plants), as well as tips on plant choice and choosing the right type of mulch.

  • Rocky Point transformation corner
  • Product bags on offer:
    • Potting mixes
    • Native mix – suitable for the free native plants being given away
    • Growing media
    • Mulches
  • Brisbane Plant Expo
  • Eat your garden – Q&A with Annette McFarlane and salad gardening for kids

Move For Less

Move for Less outdoor transport expo will be taking transport to the next level, showcasing low cost and sustainable transport options including electric and hybrid vehicles.

  • Brisbane City Council bus
  • Brisbane City Council active transport
  • Cycling Brisbane
  • Evolve Skateboards

Brisbane City Council Green Zone

Brisbane City Council will be providing information to residents about how to live more sustainably including  reduced and smarter energy use, reduce waste, protecting Brisbane native plants and animals, being water smart and sustainable travel. This will help to keep Brisbane Clean, Green, Sustainable.