Green Heart Fair Sustainability Initiatives

Brisbane City Council is committed to sustainability! Managing the Green Heart Fair, Brisbane Sustainability Agency aim to minimise our carbon footprint while educating Brisbane residents on small steps they can take at home to do the same! Our ultimate aim to have a waste free event where no rubbish from the event ends up in landfill by maximising recycling and reduction practices. We ask all event participants and attendees to respect and adopt our values.

Take a look at the sustainability initiatives we have put in place to work towards a clean and green Brisbane.

Waste Stations

We love educating people on waste. Around the Fair, we have multiple waste stations including general waste, recycling & organic waste bins. The stellar team from Mallow sustainability take each bin to our waste sorting station on-site and ensure everything is 100% sorted, meaning no food scraps or recyclables end up in landfill.

Waste Warriors

Our waste warriors are onsite again to help residents with any questions they have about what goes in what bin! They are also roaming all day to pick up any sneaky bits of rubbish that don’t make it in the bin.

Mug Library

Our lovely coffee vendors offer discounts to anyone who brings their own reusable cup. But what if you forget to bring one? Our mug library was introduced to reduce single-use coffee cups and help visitors be sustainable event if they forget their reusable coffee cup. Visitors can grab a mug, enjoy a delicious coffee, then return it to be washed and put back into our mug library to be used again.


We aim to reduce the amount of waste created at the Green Heart Fair. In order to do this we have implemented the following initiatives;

  • Banned the sale of single use plastic water bottles
  • We have hydration stations on site for event attendees to fill their reusable water bottles
  • We hand out free reusable water bottles to those who don’t have one
  • Banned plastic bags
  • Banned plastic straws
  • Do not bring balloons


We love upcycling! Across the festival site you will find many items from chairs, tables, signage and props that have been purchased second hand and are repurposed for use at our events.

For items that we can’t reuse they are donated for the use or repurposing to those in need or our wonderful friends in the upcycling industry.

Food Vendors

Some of Brisbane’s best food trucks will be onsite feeding the hungry crowds. There is something for everyone, from vegetarian to vegan to meaty meals.

  • Our food vendors source their products locally where possible.
  • All serve ware is recyclable or compostable.

We only have food vendors at the Green Heart Fair who practice sustainability in their business. For example, some stalls have adopted the following;

  • Recycling their cooking oil
  • Composting all food waste
  • No chemicals or artificial colours and flavours.


We only use power where it’s really needed to ensure your experience is the best. Our generators onsite use biodiesel. Our Green Home Zone is run entirely off power from the sun using Southern Cross University’s Sunflower Generator

Travel Green

We encourage event attendees to travel by bus or bike to the fair. If you need to bring your vehicle, we recommend carpooling! Bring your friends and family with you.

We Love Trees!

We give away 3000 free native plants to Brisbane residents at each fair – keeping Brisbane green.

Do your part

To create a clean and green Brisbane there are a few things you should bring along to the Green Heart Fair:

✓ Your hat
✓ Reusable water bottle
✓ Reusable coffee cup
✓ go card for the bus or lock for your bike
✓ A smile